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London – A top education destination

London is perhaps one of the best destinations across the world for students pursuing higher education. Students from all over the world look for getting their under-graduation, graduation and post-graduation studies in this multi-cultural country that has something for everyone. Research shows that about 420,000 students from different countries and cultural backgrounds come to study in London. The country is also home to some of the world's best business schools churning out intelligent and efficient managers since years.

Rich in culture and heritage, London is definitely the place to be for most students looking for an international study experience. The country is perhaps the perfect blend of past glory and present day modernization. Over the years, London has evolved to become a huge multicultural metropolitan and is also considered as among the financial centres of the world.

Universities in London

There is no denying the fact that London is a hub for international students. With over 40 world-class universities, London is like the cluster of education opportunities in Europe. Business schools and technology institutions comprise a major chunk of the universities in the country with most international students opting for business studies here.

Pursuing education in London – the ground realities

There has been a consistent increase in the number of students moving to London to pursue their higher education. There are various reasons for this growing influx of student community in the country but a major reason remains to be the fact that there are quite a lot of universities in London that have world recognition. Many students dream to study in the UK and particularly in London for the overall exposure and living experience the country offers. If you are considering an education program or course in London, you may have surely decided your line of study as well as the university you want to get admitted to.

Here is some basic information that you need to be well aware of to live a peaceful student life in London.

UK Student Visa:

Every student, not from the European Union, will need a student visa to study in London. The granting of the visa is based on, what is known as, the Tier 4 system. In order to get the UK Student Visa, an individual will need to score 40 points on the Tier 4 system. The points are usually allotted based on the receipt of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the London based university along with a proof from the student stating sufficient funding to cover the living costs in London and the tuition fees.

Staying in London:

In most cities of the UK, the living costs aren’t too high but London stands as an exception. With world recognition and high amount of tourism, the living costs in London tend to be usually on the higher side. The accommodation expenses are particularly high in the central London area and this is the reason why most international students prefer to stay in the suburbs or towards the outer areas of the country. While London is definitely an expensive city to live in, there are a lot of part-time work opportunities that the students can grab to cover their living costs.

Transportation in London is not very difficult with most areas easily accessible through public transportation. Travel cards are important to maintain your budget for your travel expenses.





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